Josh (desh) wrote,

Holy crap, did someone say that massage is supposed to be relaxing? Just had my first massage appointment at the chiropractor's, and that was one of the most stressful half-hours I've had in recent memory. See, any time the massage guy (what's the right term for him?) poked and prodded my rib near where my problems are, I realized just how sensitive I am there. And how naturally protective I am of that area, perhaps even more so than I am with an area that guys are traditionally protective of. But sometimes he was holding my arm out or up or something, thus thwarting my protection instincts, and I couldn't do anything but clench my teeth and wince a lot. It was just as challenging mentally as it was physically.

But you know what? If it helps me get better finally, I'll do this every week for as long as he damn well wants.

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