Josh (desh) wrote,

And a couple random links and thoughts...

Anyone else getting facebook notifications emailed to them like 2 weeks late? Even LJ was never that bad. (Well, except for that one time. And that other one time. But those don't count.)

Language Log post of the day, with compelling evidence that, though "the media (and perhaps the culture at large) seem to be converging on" a distinction between the words "sex" and "gender", it's not the distinction that most of us use. Also, my usage dictionary, if I remember correctly, doesn't even address the difference between sex and gender (though I can double-check this if anyone would like me to). I wonder what this usage difference between my social circles and culture at large says about my socioeconomic/political/whatever place in life.


Man, I wish this were real. Can you imagine how much fun that last one would be? You'd call random people that you didn't even know were still in your phonebook! And have to move the phone back and forth from your mouth to your ear! I want one.

Happy Wednesday!

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