Josh (desh) wrote,

Upper Merion High School Closed by Security Breach

This is the school I went to for a year in the middle of high school, the last half of 10th grade and the first half of 11th grade.

What's crazy about this is that the "security breach" was two 19 year old alums in the building and in a classroom without permission.

I remember going to Akiba (my other high school) just about every break for the first couple of years after I graduated. The day before Thanksgiving was a quasi-traditional day for alums to wander the halls, but it was hardly the only day. I remember walking in the building once with dredpiraterober, looking up where Mr. Kamen was teaching, walking right into the middle of his class, and sitting down. He didn't ask us to leave; rather, he asked us to put on kippot if we were going to stay. (And we may have elicited one or two of his trademark "Quiet, Please!"'s out of him.) I don't remember when exactly this was, but for all I know it could've been mid-May or early June the year after we graduated, when Drexel was winding down for the year and when Dov was back from Pittsburgh and before our respective summer jobs got going.

Yes, things are different now. But my Akiba visits, while mostly pre-9/11, were all post-Columbine, and some were post-2000 Israel intifada. These Upper Merion kids "were located in a classroom and were arrested without incident", and "[n]o weapons or contraband were found".

It's a different world.

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