Josh (desh) wrote,

Running update on my last paper ever

Time: 12:00am
Pages written: 1.25
Penguin Mints consumed: 0 (at 15 mg per mint. I might need to switch to something more potent at some point.)

Time: 1:02am
Pages written: 2.5
Penguin Mints consumed: 4

Time: 2:16am
Pages written: 3
Penguin Mints consumed: 6

Time: 6:53am
Pages written: 3.5
Penguin Mints consumed: 6
Hours slept: 3.5

Time: 8:19am
Pages written: 4.66
Penguin Mints consumed: 7
Meals eaten: 1

Time: 9:52am
Pages written: 6.25
Penguin Mints consumed: 10

Time: 10:30am
Pages written: 7
Penguin Mints consumed: 11
Procrastinating livejournal posts since I started: 7

Time: 1:31pm
Pages written: 10
Penguin Mints consumed: 12
Episodes of Dawson's Creek watched: about 1

Time: 2:17pm
Pages written: 11
Penguin Mints consumed: 13
Breath: minty fresh

Time: 3:25pm
Pages written: 12.5
Penguin Mints consumed: 13
Phone calls with a parent: 2
Paragraphs left to write: 1
Exuberance: lots

Time: 4:14pm

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