Josh (desh) wrote,

Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer yesterday 7-5, 4-6, 7-6 (12-10) on a half-grass half-clay court. So awesome. Here's a youtube of some of it. And, for the record, I think Federer is the best male athlete in the world right now, but the fact that Nadal is so great on clay makes the French Open final the best sporting event of the year these days. Seriously.

I'm happy about the Phillies too. Gordon's potential shoulder injury is scary, but Myers is actually anchoring the bullpen these days, the rotation is good enough (Moyer is awesome, Hamels is usually awesome, Lieber is improving, Garcia will pull it together, and Eaton might manage to not suck sometimes), and the offense is amazing even with Howard hitting .220. Except against the Braves. I hate the Braves.

I know I've been a bit into buying stuff lately, but tomorrow will be an especially big day. If all goes well, I will get both my new phone (accidentally "released" on Cingular's website last week for about 12 hours, but supposedly coming out for real tomorrow) and my first full box of Magic Cards since Ice Age came out almost 12 years ago. Other recent purchases include a couple of emergency phone chargers from the recent Woot-off, a Cake CD, and three Cranberries CDs. Yay for the 90s, eh? I blame you, burr86.

Otherwise, LiveJournal, things are good. The weather has been lovely, and that really affects my mood more than anything. Yay, spring!

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