Josh (desh) wrote,

Today: Shower, laundry, shop, clean, clean, clean, maybe go play some games?, maybe eat dinner out?

Tomorrow morning: Someone at my synagogue is holding a siyyum on the morning before Passover! Again! How wonderfully coincidental! After that, I'm going to work for about 4 hours.

Tomorrow afternoon: Opening day! Going to the park with a group from work. Go Phils!!! 162-0 this year!!!

Tomorrow evening: First seder, thus beginning roughly 50 hours of no work, computer, TV, or shopping (though I will be driving); and roughly 200 hours of, shall we say, challenging food choices.

I know I haven't been writing all that much, LiveJournal. Sorry. Basically, my life recently has been about the above things, about work being okay if a little weird, and about listening to my The Hold Steady CD as many times in a row as possible. And about missing work; I've got 5.5 days where I'll be out this month, between Passover, Opening Day, and jury duty.

Oh, other good April Fools stuff on the net: Google has announced Gmail Paper and TiSP (Toilet Internet Service Provider). I have to say, I really like this trend of April Fools Day being about big websites creating clever jokes that aren't really meant to fool anyone into being true. It's a graceful replacement of all of the stupid things that I don't like so much about the day.

And I'm making progress on my website in a Zeno's Paradox sort of way...

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