Josh (desh) wrote,

Yay, Facebook April Fools joke! Apparently the gag is randomly-inserted things in the news feed.

  • Introducing LivePoke™! (8:41am)

    Facebook will dispatch a real live person today to poke a friend of your choice.*
    *offer good for only the first 100 pokers in each network.

  • Harry and Voldemort have set their relationship status to "Mortal Enemies." (12:10pm)

  • Bracket Buster: Ohio State and Florida have mutually agreed on a tie and will not play the championship game. (3:17pm)

  • Two of your oxen drowned when you tried to ford the river. (5:13pm)

  • Meredith and McDreamy have changed their relationship status to "It's Complicated" ... oh wait ... "In a Relationship" ... oh wait ... "It's Complicated" again. (7:34pm)

  • You are on Facebook, reading your News Feed. (9:09pm)
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