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Computer update: I've tried three different video cards in my computer. With either of the two I've borrowed, the computer won't start up at all. With my original one, it often won't start up, but when it does, it comes up with some unreproducible error message. One time it listed 8 PCI devices and their IRQs (there's an acronym I hadn't seen in awhile), one time it told me to enter my BIOS setup without any indication of what I was to do in there, and so on. At no point in the past 3 days has the startup process even gotten to the point where it looks at my hard drive.

Now, I'm remembering that my computer is majorly restricted power-wise. (240w supply.) That might be why the borrowed vid cards didn't work. But even with my regular one, the computer doesn't always do its normal startup thing of running the fan really loud for 5 seconds and then calming down real quiet. Sometimes it does, but sometimes the fan will keep running loud, and sometimes it won't do the loud part at all. So now I'm almost certain it's a mobo or power supply thing, and it's definitely not a driver thing. I'll be contacting Shuttle about replacement parts, because I really don't feel like a whole new computer right now. (Though a Core 2 Duo would be nice.)

In random other news: Uni Watch Blog, which I occasionally read, is all about sports uniform/attire geekery. And it has a headline today of "If the Snood Fits...". Yay, Judaism/uniform crossover! How ridiculous. Of course, that's par for the course for Manny.

Also, the weather here is nuts. It might not be quite as dramatic a change as we had two years ago, when we went from 68 and cloudy to 24 and flurrying at the same time of day one day apart. But yesterday we hit 78 degrees at 3pm. Today at 3pm we might hit 65 degrees. Tomorrow at 3pm: 31 degrees and snowing, with possibly a couple inches already on the ground. Yay, March. Is it summer yet?

Well, it almost is. The first Fest artist has just shown up on Pollstar: The Mammals. Yay! Does this mean that Arlo's coming back too?

In other news, I want a website to keep all my bookmarks, but I don't really care about sharing them or rating them or socializing them or what have you. Just keeping and categorizing. Is still the way to go, or is there something else I want instead? tobeginagain, I remember you telling me about something, but ironically I forgot what it was...

In conclusion, two random funny images. One, two. Both mildly NSFW if your workplace is really stuffy.

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