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Happy Purim, y'all! I led services tonight at Minyan Merkaz; my first time leading Purim services. There's a strong tradition of being silly when leading Purim services, so, with much inspiration and help from bz_mahrabu, I came up with this setlist:

v'hu rachum: Brady Bunch theme
barechu: chag ma'ariv nusach
ahavat olam: Piano Man
mi chamocha: Like A Prayer
adonai melech: We Are The Champions
chatzi kaddish: overly drawn-out high holiday nusach, into Yellow Submarine
kaddish shalem #1: shabbat mincha nusach, into shabbat torah reading chatzi kaddish nusach (the one people usually do for shabbat ma'ariv chatzi kaddish too), into shabbat musaf chatzi kaddish nusach, into chag musaf nusach, into the shabbat morning "post-hallel" kaddish shalem tune, into weekday mincha nusach, into high holiday end-of-services kaddish shalem tune
start of aleinu: high holiday aleinu, into "regular" aleinu
end of aleinu: "that's all, folks"

It was lots of fun. I'm so glad Merkaz had Purim services!


That's right, I was Running With Scissors!

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