Josh (desh) wrote,

but for now, it's just 17 varieties of L&O

An ordered list of TV shows I'd start following if I had the time, desire, and brainpower to add more:

1. The Office
2. Heroes
3. The Wire
4. Studio 60
5. House
6. Ugly Betty
7. Monk
8. Friday Night Lights
9. BSG
199. American Idol (the results shows are kinda fun, but I've never seen one where anyone actually sings, and I don't intend to)
200. 7th Heaven

The shows I actually follow now (67% of which are on on Tuesdays):

1. Gilmore Girls (but I'm a week behind!)
2. Degrassi: TNG
3. Ninja Warrior
4. Law & Order
5. Law & Order
6. Law & Order

Though I think I'm going to bump The Office down to the lower list, and maybe watch some Heroes or Wire once everything hits reruns again.

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