Josh (desh) wrote,

Interesting news

  • This week, the CJLS, the religious-decision-making body of the Conservative movement of Judaism, will be debating whether to permit ordination of gay rabbis and cantors. The process is all shrouded in secrecy, but it seems that there are 6 proposals being considered, about half largely on each side of the issue, with different nuances for each proposal.

    As long as the decision isn't postponed like it was last time, and as long as no one invoked the CJLS version of the nuclear option, it is likely that two proposals will pass: the most moderate one on each side. (Under normal circumstances, 6 votes on a proposal, out of 25 possible, "passes" the proposal as an acceptable opinion for local rabbis (and in this case local seminaries) to refer to when making decisions.) However, there are still a lot of possible outcomes, and my fingers are crossed.

  • The official IRS-issued package of example tax filers, which companies that create tax e-file software use to test that their e-filing is working properly, includes a family with people named "Sarah Lee" (age 16) and "Annie Poop" (age 70, Sarah's grandmother).

  • Via dagoski: What a brilliant way for athiests to make money!

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