Josh (desh) wrote,

PA State House goes blue (and other MLP)

Carrie Budoff, a political reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer, reports that Democrat Barbara Smith is leading the election for the 156th state House seat by 23 votes at the end of the official recount. This gives the Dems a 102-101 margin in the state House.

Other links I've had open for awhile:

Vietnam-era refuseniks didn't get in as much trouble as you'd think.

Woot-offs make about $1.5 million!

Language Log discusses overpossessiveness in one of their great posts ever. Other fun posts recently: continuations Let's meet at mine and A friend of mine's pet bear, and morphemedar.

In a Jewschool comment, BZ succinctly summarizes the counterargument toward, "I don't hate gay people, I just hate the idea of the Jerusalem pride parade because I hate all outward expressions of sexuality".

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