Josh (desh) wrote,

I've moved one baby step closer to having my ideal health care situation.

I decided I didn't like my primary care doc at the local teaching hospital's family medicine department. I was going to hunt around for a different place to find a doc, but I needed to make an appointment, so I just called and asked them to give me whoever.

They gave me this resident who I saw last week. I was happy that he actually talked to me for a couple minutes about my concerns without running out of the room, so he was already an improvement, but that's nothing spectacular. So I called him this week, as he asked me to do, to follow up after the appointment.

He left me a message today, responding to my questions. He then said that he only checks his voice mail every couple of days, and that email is better for him. I actually stumbled across a doctor who's not only not afraid of technology, but actually uses it voluntarily to stay in touch with his patients??? AND it means I get to talk on the phone less? He's a keeper.

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