Josh (desh) wrote,

A dream

I was just sitting in my room, doing nothing in particular. Out of the blue, Laura calls me. We chat for a bit, and then I hear her sister's voice in the background. "Abby's there? Where are you?"

"Actually, we're in your room."

And I go out into the living room, and Laura, Abby, Bean, and outcastspice were all just sitting there squeezed onto my couch. And shekkichebaz walks in.

And I was shocked but still so deliriously happy that they all came. I never asked why; we all just hung out and talked for awhile. And more people kept coming. There were about 15 people there. And still more came, many without me even noticing. There were people chatting in my back yard (I have a back yard?) because, I was told, it was a particularly warm night, and certainly much warmer than the places people were coming from, like Boston, New York, and Canada. And in the end there must have been 50 people in my on-campus apartment and in the back yard. There were a few I didn't recognize, but it was mostly good friends.

I had to usher people around a bit, such as out of my roommate's room so he could sleep, but mostly everyone just sat around and talked for a long time. And a couple of us watched a little football; I don't really know where that came from.

I never did figure out, or even wonder, why everyone was just showing up. I was just soaking it all in; I couldn't be happier.

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