Josh (desh) wrote,

Top 885, er, 26 artists of all time prediction

Right now, at 4:30 EDT on Sunday 10/22/2006, WXPN is on artist number 27 of their top 885 artists of all time countdown. I believe I've successfully figured out the 26 artists left on the countdown. Here they are, in no particular order (except that if I'm wrong on any of these, I bet it's one of the bottom few).

Most of you don't care anymore if you ever did, I know. This is mainly for my benefit, to see if I did it right.

  • beatles [1]
  • floyd [9]
  • dylan [2]
  • springsteen [4]
  • who [12]
  • u2 [5]
  • zeppelin [6]
  • rem [17]
  • elvis [19]
  • dead [7]
  • stones [3]
  • marley [14]
  • jimi [11]
  • clapton [15]
  • joni mitchell [10]
  • van morrison [13]
  • paul simon [20]
  • david bowie [16]
  • johnny cash [18]
  • neil young [8]
  • miles davis [26]
  • allman brothers [25]
  • elvis costello [23]
  • stevie wonder [22]
  • radiohead [21]
  • clash [24]

EDIT: Crap, I screwed up. I had "Bob Seeger" here, when it's really spelled "Seger". Turned out he was already on the list. So who am I missing??

EDIT AGAIN: The Clash! Of course! I guessed them right before they came on at #24. If you don't believe me, then at least I guessed the top 23...

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