February 12th, 2013



I feel like my hobby these days, and how I spend my free time, is convergence. Everything I want to do is of the form "Make X work on/in Y" or "Get information about X via my Y". I've been interested in this for a few years, ever since I got my Ambient Orb to tell me about Phillies scores on Shabbat.

* Get information about [the Center City eruv] via [Twitter, and therefore, via text message]
* Make [the multi-synagogue Shavuot program I went to in DC last year] work in [Philadelphia]
* Get information about [the time of day the way the rabbis of olden times calculated it] via my [future Pebble wristwatch]
* Make [my Wii remote] work on [my new Kindle Fire tablet]
* Make [NES games] work on [my tablet]

And none of this even mentions my Raspberry Pi, which is great at this sort of thing, and which I haven't even really started playing with.

Oh, and I guess my other hobbies these days are playing / learning to play bridge, and planning for my upcoming spring training & cruise trip in March. Those aren't about convergence.

And all of this explains why I feel so busy lately even though I "don't have that much going on". Huh! There you go, then.

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