June 23rd, 2011


Yeshivat Hadar day 4

I'm not really ready just yet to start writing here in any depth about the content of what I'm learning (I plan to start next week), and I feel pretty oriented to how things go, so this is kind of a transition post.

I had my first conversation all week about LGBT issues. I feel like those come up around 50% of the time I'm having a group conversation in my regular life, so it waiting for the 5th day (counting orientation day) seemed weird. We all agreed that the yeshiva is queer-friendly, but briefly discussed whether being passively friendly is enough or if they should be more actively welcoming (i.e. willing to talk about it).

I willingly ate two meals with other people today!

There might be a shakeup in the gemara chevruta situation. Stay tuned for further details.

A.J. Heschel still makes me angry, but I'm learning.

And we leave for a shabbaton tomorrow! I'm away from tomorrow afternoon until about midnight Saturday night. Luckily, they're giving us a Sunday to sleep everything off. I haven't been awake anywhere near midnight all week.

I may not post tomorrow. If I don't, happy weekend, real world! Please tell me if there are any major news (or sports) events going on that I may have missed. I try to keep up with podcasts and a little radio, but it's tough.

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