June 20th, 2011


Yeshivat Hadar day 1

In bullet point form, because bullets are fast.

* The most disconcerting part about yeshiva today was realizing how used to eating alone I am. And how much I *like* eating alone. It was quite nice to have three meals provided for me, but I'm not sure if eating 2-3 meals in a day in a cafeteria, even surrounded by good people, will be good for me. And I'm not sure the alternative will be any good for my smartphone battery.

* I walked into my apartment today less than 9 hours before my alarm is set to go off. I expect this to happen at least every Monday night, and only be slightly different on several other nights of the week.

* I could save so much time by only showering on Wednesdays and Sundays!

* The talmud part of the day, 3 hours in the morning, was good. I think my fear was that they were just going to pair us up with someone of a similar level of Hebrew/Aramaic/talmud skill, and throw us into the deep end by telling us to open our books and start. Instead we started by breaking into 4 classes by skill level before and after partner study, and our (lowest) class won't even get to the talmud part of what we're studying until later in the week. The preliminary material we're studying is much more my speed, and the framing of the class helped a lot.

* The afternoon classes I don't remember much. You're supposed to eat your own food in addition to the meals provided, and I didn't. So there were blood sugar issues exacerbating the famous post-lunch crash. I bought some Emergency Chocolate early in the evening, but by then it was too late. Tomorrow will hopefully improve; I plan to supplement the cereal breakfast with a bagel and banana. Still don't understand how cereal is enough to start the day for so many people.

* Davening was better today. All 3 prayer leaders were more my style than the one yesterday. Phew.

* Why do you have to jiggle the key a bit to get it to turn in the lock of the front door of EVERY BUILDING IN MANHATTAN?

* I still haven't met my roommate, after 36 hours (holy crap, is that all?) in Manhattan. There's perhaps some evidence he's been here, but it's inconclusive.

* Good night!

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