May 26th, 2011


Last night in Twitter

The Phillies played and won a 19-inning game last night. I slept through the last 8 innings, but was able to catch up on Twitter. Here's the best of what I missed:

@philaphillies: link Phils survive a HBP and 3 walks but yield no runs in top of 11th, leaving the bases-loaded. Wilson Valdez to lead of bottom of 11th.
@magelb: link That had to be one of the more fascinating rides on J.C. Romero's Magical Mystery Tour.
[At this point, I went to sleep.]
@Philled_In: link Baez will pitch the 14th, assuming we get that far. If you have liquor in your house, start mixing a drink now.
@Philled_In: link Baez wraps up 2nd scoreless inning. Apparently Harold Camping was just off by 5 days.
@Philled_In: link Ideal 15th inning alignment: Ibanez in RF, Oswalt in LF, Dom Brown pitching. He threw like 12 no-hitters in high school, right?
@magelb: link Baseball-Reference has crashed. This is terrible.
@billbarnwell: link RT @Bobby_BigWheel: They should let you start serving beer again once you get to the 15th inning.
@ryanlawrence21: link Another 1-2-3 inning for Baez. Chants of "Danys, Danys Danys!" #Phillies #extrainningpalooza
@magelb: link RT @DavidGRZY: @magelb Phils close the 400 level here @ CBP
@SheridanScribe: link Quality start for Baez! #soberingupalready
@Philled_In: link Charlie is on record as being vehemently opposed to a position player pitching. But he prolly hasn't managed many 19 inning games.
@Philled_In: link Trivia update: The last non-pitcher to pitch for the Phillies was JC Romero in the 11th inning.
@philaphilles: link Today's game starts in 12 hours. Yesterday's game is still going...Valdez is pitching and Ruiz is at 3rd. 19th inning.
@Philled_In: link RT @jrfinger: Valdez has never faced Votto before ...
@SheridanScribe: link Valdez shook him off!
@magelb: link Wilson Valdez retires the NL MVP with an 87 mph fastball.
@ryanlawrence21: link A scoreless inning for Wilson Valdez. He is jogging off mound like he's done it his whole life. "Wilson, Wilson, Wilson" chants deafening...
@Philled_In: link Someday I'll tell my grandkids about this. They'll be 12 by the time this game is over.
@andygreenwald: link I'm hoping, for the beat writers' sake, that Wilson Valdez can also file copy before dawn.
@SheridanScribe: link Mitchiepoo!!!!
@LesBowen: link Valdez is undefeated.
@ryanlawrence21: link It's all over. Wilson Valdez picks up his first major league win. Raul Ibanez hit a game-ending sac fly. Good night.
@HighCheese: link The only better ending to tonight's game would have been Keith Primeau driving in the winning run
@Philled_In: link Valdez said he was ready to go 3 or 4 more innings. #Phillies
@ryanlawrence21: link Valdez said last time he pitched was in 2002, in Dominican. But not in a sanctioned game. "Just for fun," he said. A pick-up game.
@magelb: link Dubee told Baez he was done after 3 innings. Baez said no. "I wanted to give the team a chance to win the ballgame," he said.
@SBerthiaumeESPN: link #Phillies Wilson Valdez is the first player to start game in the field and earn the win as a pitcher, since Babe Ruth on October 1, 1921.
@Philled_In: link I think @jaysonst 's head is going to explode figuring out all of the trivia from tonight's game. God's speed, Jayson. [ed note: here's the article, as much about the 11th inning as the 19th]
@magelb: link And I apologize for any grammatical errors. I'm zany and everyone on the copy desk left already. [after posting , tweeted at 3:15am]

And, as a bonus, the amazing details on FanGraphs.

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