Josh (desh) wrote,

Cell phone geekery

Hey, any phone geeks out there? I've just started getting into this Engadget Mobile / Phonescoop universe, and y'all have got some neat stuff.

So. I kind of want a 3G flip-style smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard. This doesn't yet exist in this country. (And let's ignore for a second that if it did, it would probably cost like $500 even with a new contract, which I wouldn't be likely to spend.)

In fact, I can't even get 3 of these 4 features at once, I don't think. I know of a QWERTY smartphone, a QWERTY flip-phone (Blackberry-capable but not a true smartphone), a flip smartphone, and a 3G flip-phone. But that's it.

So I think I dislike non-flip phones enough to not get one, given these choices. But which of those latter three phones should I get? Or are they all disappointing enough that I should hold out for more? If I wait a couple of months, will I be more likely to find more 3G choices?

Too bad the Samsung SGH-i610 probably isn't going to exist in the US. It'd be just about the perfect phone for me.

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