December 23rd, 2010



The New York Jets are on the verge of making the playoffs, but the focus once again is off the field as coach Rex Ryan is being asked whether his wife, Michelle, posted foot-fetish videos on the Internet.

My coworker and I were discussing this.

[10:29:29] <me> I really think the reporters are just barely toeing the line, here.
[10:29:42] <him> Yeah. I agree.
[10:29:49] <me> Rex isn't an arch-enemy or anything.
[10:30:13] <me> They need toe nail down their story and move past it.
[10:30:33] <me> Give everyone time to heel.
[10:31:13] <him> They just have to let these two teams play ball.
[10:32:38] <him> Reporters can be such a fungus sometimes, eh?
[10:32:50] <him> I know, I know...that one was corny...