August 9th, 2010


(no subject)

I'm home from the Havurah Institute. There are great new friends, and memories, and pictures. Also, it's now been a year since I met Joline there. Amazing to think it's only been a year.

And, oh yeah, I'm now co-chair (with BAM) of the board of the National Havurah Committee. This will be an interesting two years. Practicing saying "no" now to nearly all unrelated requests on my time.

Also, my apartment has no ceiling. Apparently on Saturday, when I was still away, my roommate had a fun uninvited guest, in the form of a bunch of water arriving from a broken water heater upstairs. Luckily, our bedrooms are on a lower floor that was mostly unaffected, and my bookshelves and TV and stuff are in the part of the upstairs that didn't get dumped on. Really lucked out in terms of property damage. I think it's time to get renter's insurance, though. And to get nose plugs. Apartments with no ceilings kind of smell.

Home now, and decompressing. Caught up on LJ backreading and stuff. It's still August, so there's little time to slow down before going to a Phillies game, welcoming new friends moving to town and old friends visiting town, and then going to Folk Fest!

And back to work tomorrow! It feels like it's been months since I was there. For the first time Institute really didn't feel too short, like it flew by. Every day was like a week, and though I always wish Brigadoon would stick around forever, it feels like it's time for it to end. Until next time!