July 29th, 2010


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Aaaaaand my car fucking got broken into again. No windows broken, nothing worth more than $20 taken, but I'm pissed at the world again.

I'm looking into spending $150-$200 to install an alarm system on a car worth no more than 10 times that, a car that I might not have for more than 3 more months.

August of Awesomeness, version 9

OK, I think this is a good way to counteract the bad vibes from this morning.

Let's kick it off.

Thursday, July 22th: B&N moved back to Philly
Saturday, July 24th: Minyan Tikvah's first anniversary
Sunday, July 25th: Day trip to Atlantic City, winning about $165
Monday, August 2nd through Sunday, August 8th: Havurah Institute
Sunday, August 8th: Er, first anniversary of something else, perhaps, not that anything can be pinned down to one particular day or anything
Various times the week of August 9thish: Maxine's visit and Lisa's visit
Thursday, August 12th: Phillies' Jewish Heritage Night
Wednesday, August 18th through Sunday, August 22nd: Philly Folk Fest
Friday, August 20th: Phillyhenge (but sadly not Schwenksvillehenge)
Thursday, August 26: Yet another attempt at a Xavier Rudd concert


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