July 22nd, 2010


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This week, I decided to use Facebook to get in touch with a handful of people who I used to be close with but barely (or at least much less frequently) talk to anymore. It's been quite fun. To that end, if you read my LJ but haven't said anything in awhile, and want to say hi, this post would be a great opportunity.

Things have been good! Joline and I went to DC last weekend. Spent Shabbat in Silver Spring and hit up the new minyan, Segulah. Relaxed most of the afternoon, except for a couple hours when I met up with, and finally met, xyellowroset eman nnaylime. (Shabbat meetups are more pleasant in good weather. Sitting in air conditioning might have been preferable. But it was fun regardless.) Then, after Shabbat, Joline and I basically made appointments to meet friends. We had ice cream Saturday night with RJG and her boyfriend. I met a couple of Joline's friends for brunch on Sunday, and a couple more for a bit after that. Then we had lunch with Beth and Shai. After that, I was dragged to see the Albert Einstein statue, which I liked and which I'd never before seen, before we finally skipped town and came back to Philly.

Oh, and Joline will be staying in Philly. She's transferred law schools, and is sticking around. Yay!

This Sunday, as a kickoff to August Of Awesomeness 2010, we're going to Atlantic City for the day. $3.50 for two round-trip tickets on Megabus. Thanks for being awesome, Megabus!

Randomly: Every day I notice more gray hair on my head. It's probably not that noticeable to others, but I can tell. This is so exciting! I never thought any of my hair would turn gray before it all fell out!!!

And, to end on a downer, there's been a bit more than usual severe illness and death on the periphery of my life lately. (No one I'm close with now, but former acquaintances or coworkers, and family members of friends.) It's been quite sad for me, and I'm sure much more hard for others. Sending healing vibes (and occasionally prayers, if you're into that sort of thing) in many different directions for y'all. Take care.

I feel rich

So as I mentioned, I'm going to Atlantic City this weekend. I want to bring beach stuff, but I won't have a hotel room to leave it in as I'm gambling. I'd like a locker or something. But I couldn't find one after 10 minutes of internet searching and calling places.

So I figured this would be a great time to use my personal concierge service.

You guys, it's awesome. Someone's emailing me within 48 hours giving me options for lockers and other short-term storage in AC. I'll let you know how it turns out. But you should all get Visa Signature cards. Seriously.

Unfortunately I didn't have anything crazy to request, like this guy did.