June 24th, 2010


I did some actual work, too

Yesterday was kind of an epic sports day, and I want to document it here.

I got to work at 10am just in time to watch the US/Algeria soccer match. The US would move on to the next round of the world cup if they could've won. And after a bad call took away a goal, they finally won in the 91st minute. My office practically exploded with excitement! Now I need to figure out where I can watch the next game on Saturday afternoon...

Then after lunch, I saw on ESPN.com that there was a tennis match tied at 45-45 in the 5th set. I watched until 59-59 when they called it for darkness for the 2nd straight day. The only part they played yesterday was the 5th set; they played it for over 7 hours with no winner. The whole match is now at exactly 10 hours. There's a hilarious live-blog out there about it.

And then finally, last night, the Phillies won with a walk-off home run. I'm bummed I wasn't there, though Joline was. So jealous! And there was a play at the plate earlier in the game, too!

Not hard to remember why one is a sports fan on a day like yesterday, huh?

Oh, and there was an earthquake in Canada. Apparently some people in Philly, including at least one coworker of mine, felt it. I was walking on Broad Street at the time and probably assumed it was a motorcycle. Oh well.