May 27th, 2010


on the oil leak

OK, I'm really tired of hearing about the oil leak. It's not because all of my (overwhelmingly liberal) friends are wrong in anything they say. Rather, it's because I'm scared to death of it all. I think the best case scenario here is significant ecological and economic damage for a generation. The worst case scenario, I truly believe, is human near-extinction. (If the leak still isn't plugged in a year or two, who are we to say that the ecosystem won't be irreparably ruined?) And unless we're engineers, nothing we do or say can affect which outcome we end up with.

If you want to use this as an opportunity for political pressure, or to convince people to use oil less, great! But if you want to use this as an opportunity to call for a boycott of BP, no thanks (unless you really, truly think that BP was doing something wrong that the other oil companies you'll be buying from instead weren't doing, rather than BP just making the same dumb decisions as everyone else but getting unlucky). And if you're posting anything to educate people about the problem, to show us how big the spill is or video of the leak or of efforts to clog it up or anything, I'm not interested anymore. Let me know when they've plugged it. Until then, I'll be here hiding with my head in the sand.