May 13th, 2010


Desh quick hits OK!

* Went to Washington Heights for Shabbat last weekend! Had a freaking blast! Such good people. So similar to, yet so different from, the other parts of Manhattan I've spent time in. Finished up Saturday night by visiting Brooklyn, and had brunch at the REAL Tom's Diner with RA and MH on Sunday.

* I'm on a mini-vacation now. Done work until next Thursday. It's quite necessary; I'm a bit burnt out.

* Wedding this weekend in DC! Should be a great time! Stuff to do for it all weekend (4 different events related to it, starting at 2pm tomorrow). No time to visit DC folks who won't be doing wedding stuff, but hopefully I'll be able to fix that in an upcoming visit.

* One of my favorite holidays, Shavuot, starts next Tuesday night. I'm going away with a bunch of friends (about half of whom consist of most of my LJ readers/commenters these days; hi, all!). The planning for it is getting a little overwhelming, but not too bad yet. Sadly, since I only keep one day of Shavuot, I have to leave on Thursday morning, head back to work, and miss the last 24 hours or so of the fun. But I'm looking forward to even that in a strange way; it's the one day of the year when many of my friends aren't on Facebook or anything for religious reasons, but I am. Always a strange feeling.

* Minyan Tikvah meets a week from Saturday! I'm so proud of myself and us because I finally managed to get incorporation papers filed and get an EIN. There are still a couple steps left, but I think I can say that we're officially a 501(c)(3) now. Yay!

* And then the day after that, the girlfriend moves to Philly for the summer!

Happy summer, y'all!