April 12th, 2010



Still composing large posts in my head that I'm having trouble actually writing. Instead, have some links.

Comparison of what people think should be cut from the Federal budget vs. what's actually in the Federal budget. (I wish the time-based graphs were inflation adjusted, but the rest of it is good.)

World Air Traffic Over A 24-Hour Period (video)

Robotic Snow Removal Even Better Than Flying Cars (This seemed relevant back when jdcohen sent it to me in February; less so now.)

A book, from 1972, about what 2010 would be like. Surprisingly accurate in some ways. Not as accurate as AT&T was in 1993, though.

Happy In Paraguay, a hilarious Star Trek TNG overdubbing

You've probably all seen this Old Spice commercial, which is undeniably great, but I think this older one is underrated.

I've saved/wasted so much money on Slickdeals recently. I recommend it if you like to do the same.

I think that's good for now. Happy Monday, LiveJournal! How are you?