February 17th, 2010



I'm grumpy today. This is due to some combination of:

* The US men went 0-2 yesterday in curling, including snatching defeat from the jaws of victory on the last stone of the match
* Joline left about 2 days ago
* I always get grumpy this time of year; probably SAD (and the below-average weather and the snow still everywhere doesn't help)
* I'm out of girl scout cookies
* I'm stressed about Purim and Pesach
* My anal attention to detail and caring about things that I should just let go is flaring up again (though this is probably a symptom rather than a reason)
* Work and other things that I don't want to air here

Reasons don't include:

* Megabus is adding the Philly-to-DC route!
* Southwest is adding the PHL-to-BOS route!
* curlybopbop and groovyjew are visiting this weekend!
* Curling is happening, and televised, at all!
* There are more girl scout cookies to be had!
* Joline was here!
* Pitchers and catchers report today! Happy Spring!

Too bad emotions don't work like a simple pro-con list, because if they did, the second column would be at least tied with the first. Oh well. Time to blind my coworkers with the lamp that I'm pretending is a light box...