December 20th, 2009



I keep wanting to update, but either there's no time, or there's something else.

* I'm sick now. A cold, I think. Though I'm never certain because I'm so hypochondriac. Pink-eye? A feverless flu? Black death?
* We got almost two feet of snow yesterday. Second biggest snowfall in Philly history. It's fun, though I haven't really been out to play in it (see previous bullet point). I took some pictures, though. Played with my new Eye-Fi card, which was fun.
* My high school reunion was a week ago yesterday. Still want to write about it.
* The Eagles are in the playoffs!!! My fantasy team lost in the playoffs! Given that the former was practically a foregone conclusion and the latter was up in the air, I'm net bummed about football today. Which is weird.
* I've been spending inordinate amounts of my free time learning about MythTV and choosing which hardware I'm going to buy when I buy and build my own DVR. Will probably actually do it sometime between late January and mid-spring.
* My Christmas plans are finally finalized, I think. They're complicated.

That's about it, I think.