December 1st, 2009


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OMG, you guys. I just came from a book signing of (two guys I've never heard of,) my favorite sports columnist ever, my second-favorite sports columnist ever, and the Phillies' senior announcer.

Bill Lyon is my favorite sportswriter ever, and I'm glad that he's only mostly retired, not all retired. He still does an occasional new column, and he just put out a book of some past columns. Jayson Stark writes for now, but he wrote for the Philadelphia Inquirer until about when I left for college, and his writing is still the style I most emulate, or wish I could emulate, when I'm writing expository stuff. (Man, I should've told him that.) He's still on something of a tour promoting his book about the Phillies winning the World Series last year, sending the city into a tizzy. And Chris Wheeler has a book about his perspective on the team from the announcer's booth.

I came late, missing Wheels' intro. I got to hear Jayson talk about how every fan base is happy when their team wins but how the Phillies fans also felt love, which contrasted with the Yankees fans' feeling of justice, that all is right with the world, after they won this year. And I got to hear Bill Lyon talk a bit too, which I'd never had the pleasure of before.

During Q&A after, I asked a question about the future of baseball coverage 10-15 years from now. Jayson thinks that newspapers will still exist, but he's not sure there will be beat writers on payroll anymore, and he hopes that ESPN and some other big players (Comcast) succeed enough in their efforts to provide more local coverage that isn't the only local voice covering games anymore.

It was freaking awesome.