November 8th, 2009



Two weekends ago: Drove to DC for about 18 hours. (There was a point right before returning home when I was driving West through Center City Philadelphia, and had been driving East past that exact point on my way to DC exactly 24 hours earlier.) (Sorry to all those I didn't get to visit.)

Last weekend: Flew to Minneapolis for 60 hours. (Still meaning to write a bit about that.)

Today: Amtraking to Boston for about 8 hours. (Mazal tov, LN&EM!) (The return trip, however, will involve flying rather than a train; thus rendering this something less than a round-trip tour of basically all transportation options available to me.) (Sorry to all those I won't get to visit.)

Next weekend: Freaking not going anywhere.

The weekend after that: Busing to New York for about 7 hours. (STATIWGTV.)

I like Philly. I swear. It's just that one of the things I like about it is how easy it is to get other places from it...