September 14th, 2009



Along these lines, I'm quite happy to report that my order of headphone foam ear cushions arrived today! (Model EP-1, if you're curious.) See, I like cheap, old-school headphones, the "on-ear" kind, a lot. I can't stand the in-ear variety, I find the ear-surrounding ones unwieldy for work and travel (though I use them at home), and I like inexpensive ones so I don't have to care if they break. The problem is that the foam ear cover parts wear out before the headphones themselves fall apart. And of course, no stores actually sell replacements. Well, the internet solves all problems!


Productive day yesterday. My dad came to visit. First time I'd seen him in about two months, since we were both in Florida after my grandmom died. It was great to see him. We went out to brunch, and then he helped me install a wall switch light timer, and a programmable thermostat. Awesome. Now Shabbat guests sleeping in my living room who don't switch lights on Shabbat can sleep in a dark room, which we can still use for functional purposes during the daytime and evening. And now maybe my electrical bill will be lower in the winter, especially since I don't have to remember to shut off the heat every workday.


Oh, yeah, and then sports. Phillies swept a doubleheader and the Eagles kicked ass! (We're ignoring the fact that the Phillies offense is still iffy and the bullpen is worse: the starting pitching has been great! And we're ignoring the fact that McNabb broke a rib: the team's good enough to get by anyway!) September (and October, depending on how your baseball team is doing) definitely surpasses March as the best sports month of the year.

We're not talking about my fantasy team, though.


Yesterday was also Nostalgia Day. Saturday night a bit after midnight, ulicqel (who doesn't really use LJ anymore), who had been visiting his parents, started posting a whole bunch of old camp pictures on Facebook. This prompted a couple of other people to come out of the woodwork and post pictures as well. So now lots of my camp friends are all commenting at each other back and forth on these pictures, with a whole bunch of "oh, what was her name" type stuff. It's a freaking blast. We're trying to get back in touch with some people who we haven't talked to in years. And we're actually interacting with people that we were "only" Facebook friends with. Having a great time. Meanwhile, fifteen-year-old me has just been tagged in a couple dozen pictures.

I gotta find that video Bill took in 1998...

Oh, and then Emma, who also went to my camp and whose sister I've been friends with ever since, randomly walked into my apartment. Apparently she's friends with my roommate. Small world.


Shabbat this past weekend was lovely. Communal Friday night dinner for 200 at the Gershman Y. Logistically imperfect, but such a great idea. And I led bentsching for 200 people. Whee. Saturday lunch was the monthly potluck at BZBI. Only about 25 people were there, but that's really plenty. It was a lot of fun. Then I got to relax and read the rest of Shabbat, which included this interesting article about the "optimum" marriage age depending on whether you live on the East coast or not.


And now, less than a week before the holidays start. And way too freaking much to do.

So how was your weekend, LJ?