August 25th, 2009


Other fun points

  • When transferring buses in Manhattan on Friday, jox and I ran into Dolores and her husband! I hadn't seen her in forever, and I possibly hadn't seen him ever. We only had 5 minutes to chat, but it was a fun 5 minutes. She has the same sense of humor as ever.

  • Apparently I'm starting to like cooking? Who knew? Before this weekend, the last time I cooked something more complicated than microwaving a frozen dinner or toasting a bagel was sometime in July. I've been traveling so much that there haven't been tons of opportunities to do otherwise, and frozen dinners have been mighty convenient given how busy and exhausted I've been. But there was a potluck dinner on Friday night in Boston, and I really wanted to cook for it! I brought a bag of quinoa up with me, I stopped at Trader Joe's there to pick up some produce, I made it to my friends' apartment an hour before dinner, and I cooked up this quinoa pilaf recipe that I've been liking lately. I could've just picked up some prepared food at TJ's instead, or something, but I really didn't want to. This is a weird feeling. I don't know what to do with it.

  • I also really like bulleted lists. I can't promise that I'll ever write a post without them again.