August 12th, 2009



Wow. I just typed a whole long post from my phone and accidentally deleted it. And I'm trying again!

* I'm at Fest, and it's weird. It's always weird when it falls right after Institute. I anticipated that this year, but it's no less weird. I don't want to be here now. And not just because of all the mud. It will get better. There are 4 other Institute people camping here this year, and I can't wait until they get here.

* Institute was amazing, as usual. Or maybe a bit better than usual. Partly because jox was there, but that's not the only reason why. Re-entry is always hard. I spent the past 3 days constantly on Facebook posting and tagging pics, and I was far from the only one.

* Relatedly, I've become aware recently of how good Facebook is at reaching many of my friends, and how I don't have a long-form way to do that. Only a smaller group of my friends read LJ, and no one anywhere reads Facebook notes. Maybe I should publicize my LJ more? Dunno.

* Oh, by the way, still not really reading the friends page while on vacation. Will start again Monday, probably.

* Oh, yeah, and my mom is in the hospital. Admitted Monday with back pain from a bulging disc. This is the 3rd time since 2003. Each time sucks, and this may be the worst, or at least equal to the first. I hate being not-there, and yet I can't do much there. This just better get better soon.

Think I'm going to bed now. Most of my friends aren't here yet, the ones who are are out wandering, and I have a 7am volunteer shift. And this is tiring to type on my regular, non-qwerty keypad. G'night, LJ.