June 15th, 2009


(no subject)

Yesterday (and possibly Saturday night) my phone wasn't working properly: I could make calls, but I couldn't receive any unless I was on another call, or sometimes it would work if I was actively using my phone's internet at that moment. I didn't discover this until about 5pm yesterday, when I fired up Google Maps for a minute and suddenly my phone freaked out with 6 voicemails and 1 text. This caused me to miss out on seeing a friend from out of town who I was eager to see. I was very frustrated. I also had a moment of panic, given that having that many voicemails while having a seriously ill relative doesn't bode well. But all is fine with my grandmom for now, and then I was able to tell my dad to email me if he had to reach me.

The problem persisted yesterday through reboots and battery removals, and even through switching my SIM into another phone. Today, though, everything's fine. Gah.

Saturday night I left my car at a parking meter that's free on Saturday nights and Sundays, but starts ticking at 8am weekdays. Due to the aforementioned missed plans, I didn't leave my apartment yesterday. Finally remembered about my car a bit before 9 today. No ticket, woohoo! I fed the meter and had breakfast before driving to work.

Frisbee game tonight, and seeing Maxine and Dave and their not-quite-so-new-anymore Miriam tomorrow!

Hey, anyone want to see a half-price Phillies game (about $12 plus ticketing fees) on Wednesday?

That's all, I suppose. Happy Monday!