June 9th, 2009


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It looks like the middle of the night outside, and sounds like a bowling alley. The major street I live on looks more like a river. And I just heard the weather forecaster on the radio use the word "apocalypse".

Oh, summer.

in other news

This morning, I tried to mail two things at the post office. Both were small (a CD without a case, and a box of playing cards less than half an inch thick). I bought two of their bubble mailers. First I wrote "DO NOT BEND" on the CD one and gave it to them to post. They charged me the parcel rate, which is maybe 40 cents more than the regular rate. I was confused, but the clerk explained that the bubble envelopes aren't regular envelopes; they're parcels. OK. Then (after another unrelated miscommunication) I tried to mail the cards in the other envelope with delivery confirmation. She said I couldn't, because delivery confirmation is only available for priority mail and....parcels. But isn't the bubble mailer a parcel? No! I read the definition of "parcel" out loud from the delivery confirmation slip, confirming that it didn't count because it wasn't 3/4" thick, and then asked why I was charged the parcel rate for the first thing. She said that was only the delivery confirmation parcel rule, and that the regular parcel rule was different. I think she was mistaken. Luckily, she suggested that I add some bubble wrap (which she provided) to the second envelope, making it thick enough to be a delivery confirmation parcel. Then she asked if I was a mystery shopper. Next time I'm going to UPS.

The Decemberists are playing Philly Folk Fest!!!!! Which really has about an 80% or 90% genre overlap with the XPN festival now, as they've both creeped inward from folk music and singer-songwriters, respectively, to modern folk-rocky stuff. It's fine with me as long as PFF keeps having a good Celtic act or three each summer. Plus, THE DECEMBERISTS!!! (And West Philly Orchestra!)

Second frisbee game of the season last night. Wore a snazzy new knee brace. Felt like I looked much more athletic than usual. Played pretty well, too. And, unlike this time last week, I'm actually still able to walk!

My grandmom's still in the hospital, but is hopefully gradually getting better? They've now finally identified all the things that went wrong that caused her to go to the hospital 10 days ago, and the things that happened since. None seem life-threatening and all seem to be healing. At this point we just have to get her out of there. Hospitals are bad places.

Jeff's in town, and I've seen him twice so far! Lisa's in town for the summer, and though I haven't made plans with her yet, I ran into her and that crowd of friends on Friday night as they were bar-hopping and I was returning from a Shabbat dinner. Weird juxtaposition. It seems like everyone's in town! Well, except my roommate. My apartment is lonely.

Good morning!