April 27th, 2009



Friday: Came home from work, discovered that my recently-de-rooted computer now seems to have a dead motherboard. Took the subway across Center City to attend a (catered!) Shabbat dinner run by curlybopbop. Walked back on a lovely night.

Saturday: Went to synagogue. Attended a synagogue-sponsored young adults lunch which was relocated to the park due to clement weather. Got a bit sunburnt. Left before the board gaming started to head home, read, and nap. Walked to a window outside of a sports bar to watch the last 2 minutes of the Flyers' season. Went out around 6pm to enjoy the weather and people watch in the park more, but instead ran into curlybopbop and groovyjew. We grabbed my roommate and played card games in the park instead.

Saturday night: Attempted a last-ditch effort to fix my computer without replacing parts, and failed. Sat on the couch, watching baseball and reading to catch up on other news, sports (yay, NFL draft!) and otherwise (swine flu, WTF?). Researched ways to get my computer working again for a minimum of money. ($80 seems to be the best I can do.)

Sunday: Went to briefly help LB move. Drove to Edison, NJ to attend a computer show and try to buy a replacement motherboard. Failed, but got a bunch of cool and really cheap things while there. Couldn't get ahold of CL. Went to visit GM for 45 minutes to kill time. Drove further north to visit my dad, stepmom, and stepbrother for dinner. Enjoyed hot dogs. Called step-cousin who may be able to help with computer issue. Came home. Continued to fail to unpack nonperishable groceries from like a week ago.