April 22nd, 2009



Here, have some links:

When I was 10 in 1991, I read a story in Sports Illustrated called "Sports in the Year 2001". It's always fun to go back and read past predictions of the future. (For example, the story was written about 3-4 years before the internet became "mainstream", and the author didn't make any predictions that were PC-centered, even though he nailed "online" sports books anyway.) I've been looking to find this article again for over 10 years, and today I finally succeeded. It's got some OCR errors, but was just as fun to read as I expected it would be.

Insert dried spaghetti into hot dogs. Boil.

For anyone who grew up in Philadelphia and is between the ages of about 22 and 35, do you remember the Omniverse Philadelphia Anthem?

Now that approximately 8.6% of the baseball season is over, All Star balloting has started! Vote for your favorite players who have had a hot two weeks!

Speaking of hot: My favorite weather blog is now forecasting 4 straight days above 85 degrees (29.5 Canadian) starting Saturday, including a chance at 90° (32 British) and several days within 5° (2.8 Israeli) of record highs. Yay!!!

Late-breaking link: A Gaythering Storm, a sequel-ish of the absolutely amazing Prop 8 — The Musical that I hope you all already saw.

Good afternoon, everyone.