February 4th, 2009



Finally got a proper snow here. Officially 8 inches, but a bit less everywhere other than the official measuring station. I measured about 5 as I was walking by a park. This is the first snow over 3 inches, I think, since 2007. (Last winter was a dud.)

It's pretty! I forgot how pretty snow can be. Even in an urban setting: I was walking past some roadside trees, and occasionally the wind would blow and shake off some pure white snow from bare branches, and deposit it in splotches in the dirty brown snow covering the road. Sort of like paint splatter artwork.

I'm late to work because I cleaned off my car...and then I walked to work. See, I usually walk to work, but the weather forecast makes me worry that cars will start to ice over and get very annoying to clean. And I need my car later this week. But it was kind of fun; I haven't cleaned off more than a couple inches of snow from a car in awhile.

(Sadly, the Magic Bus has failed me. The 40 bus goes pretty much anywhere I ever want to go, home and work and Penn and many friends' homes and the fields where I play frisbee in the summer. And it used to be that it always came right when I walked outside to catch it. So I thought of it as magic. But the past 4 times I wanted to take a bus to work rather than walk, I walked along the 40 route rather than my usual route, and it only passed me after 20 minutes, right where I turn off to walk the last block to work. Today, even after spending 10 minutes cleaning my car on the 40 route, I walked the whole way without a bus passing me...until the last block when two 40s passed me. Guess the magic ran out.)

Anyway, I'm a little sad that work is 0-for-2 this year on sticking to the "rule of thumb" in the employee handbook that work is closed whenever Philly schools are. But it's ok, really. I have enough work to do, it was easy enough to come in, etc. So, time to do work!
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