December 15th, 2008



Hi, LiveJournal! It's been a little while.

My dad came into Philly on Sunday. We had lunch. We also played Wii Sports Bowling and Wii Fit a bit. He loves it and might want his own. It's funny partly because he's a bit of an exercise buff, and therefore already knows how to do the various strength exercises on Wii Fit, and also already has plenty of exercise equipment that he uses. But Wii is more fun!

Carolyn Hax, the best advice columnist ever, had her annual holiday-themed online discussion last Friday. It's half advice, and half people sharing crazy family holiday stories (mostly in that order). Definitely worth a read.

At work, during tax season (which for tax software developers is Fall until January, not January until April), the people on my project have to spend a lot of time communicating with someone outside the company named Dan Brown. We've taken to calling him "the da Vinci Code guy" internally, even though it's definitely not the same Dan Brown. This is probably funnier to me than it is to you; sorry.

My birthday is still over a month away, but I'm already getting excited about how many things I want to do for it. Laser Tag party! Group trip to a Reel Big Fish concert! And then, 3 weeks later, the National Havurah Committee's Chesapeake-area weekend retreat falls on my Hebrew birthday! It looks like the next 2 months or so should be fun before my annual late-Winter depression hits!

I think I have to go to an eye doctor. I've never been to an eye doctor before.

Kissing is really dangerous, you guys. Please be careful.

Recent fun purchases: Wii Fit, a new cell phone ($0.01!), Bargainville by Moxy Fruvous (somehow never had any Moxy before!), and even more 2008 World Series schwag. Woohoo!

Happy Monday, LJ! It's 62 degrees, the sun is shining, and I'm in a great mood! How are you?