December 9th, 2008


More football optimism

Man, the days leading up to Week 15 and Week 16 are at least as exciting as actually watching football.

The Eagles are now assured of making the playoffs if they win out and if any one of 5 other things happen: The Falcons lose to the Bucs next week, the Falcons lose either of their last two games, or the Bucs (after losing to the Falcons next week) lose either of their last two games.

Additionally, I learned today that the Eagles can even clinch a playoff berth after week 16, if an inordinate number of things go right, thus rendering the week 17 game against the Cowboys meaningless. This isn't the only way the Eagles can make the playoffs while losing a remaining game, and apparently it's even possible to make the playoffs after losing two!

How did I learn the things in the last paragraph? The amazing Yahoo NFL Playoff Scenario Generator. (h/t Iggles Blog.) I love it. Here's proof that they can clinch after week 16, and proof they can make the playoffs with 2 more losses.

Also, I don't have a link, but for you Skins fans out there, you just need to root for the corresponding thing the Eagles fans are rooting for (your Skins to win out and one of 5 things to happen to the Falcons/Bucs), plus you need Dallas to either lose their Giants game or their Eagles game. Totally possible!