October 27th, 2008


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At around 7:00 today, the entirety of Center City Philadelphia turned into a Phillies party. At least 80% of the people on the streets were definitely on their way somewhere to watch the game. No joke. It was crazy.

I attempted to go to at least 6 bars, and walked past at least a half-dozen more over about a mile and a quarter. Only 2 bars I saw were still letting people in, and neither of those actually had any room to stand in them. I ended up at Dov's apartment, which was much more pleasant.

And then it started to pour and the temperature dropped 20 degrees.

And then they (finally) delayed the game, and then they called it. But I was on a bus home at that point.

You know, I was prepared for a win, and I was prepared for a loss. Only in Philadelphia could this have happened.

One more day...