September 17th, 2008


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Man, I'm so glad the Republicans love the free market so much.

How long will it take for the idea that Republicans are about free markets and small government to die?

(At this moment, DJIA is down 3.13% for the day, 6.19% for the week, and halfway (from the perspective of the week's opening) to being below 10,000. But at least we're going to start more offshore drilling.)

in non-politics news

  • Minor league baseball is fun. Y'all should go. No matter where you live, if you're in the US, you're probably within a couple dozen miles of a team. This season is basically over, but next spring, go check it out.

  • I divide my music-listening life into 4 phases:

    1. Pre-1995: I knew basically nothing about music. (I listened to Queen and Trout Fishing in America.)
    2. 1995-1999: I loved pop music. (I listened to Hootie and the Blowfish, Live, and one-offs like The Cardigans. Later in this period, I listened to a lot of classic rock.)
    3. 1999-2004: The Dark Ages. Pop music sucked and I had nothing else. (I don't know what I listened to then. Probably just classic rock.)
    4. 2004-2008: I discovered XPN, and discovered that Adult Album Alternative music wasn't too cool or esoteric for me. (I listened to The Decemberists, The Hold Steady, and so on.)

    I mention this because in phase 2, VH1 and MTV (in that order) were very important to me. I got a lot of my music from them. MTV started a show called Total Request toward the end of that period, a low-budget show with a boring set and a daily countdown. But I liked it. It later became became TRL. And this week, MTV announced that TRL is being cancelled, and with it, probably the last vestiges of music videos on Music Video Television. End of an era.

    Also, here are 7 stars who wouldn't be allowed on MTV anymore.

  • Neat "how well do you see color?" quiz. I scored a 4 (lower is better), with all of my misses in the area where blue meets green. This might explain why I call some colors blueish when others call them greenish.

That's all for now. How are you?