July 17th, 2008


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It's been a hell of a week so far, LiveJournal. I've been working until about 7:30 instead of my usual 5:45 most days to get ready for a launch on Monday. I like my job, but it's been incredibly draining.

In the evenings, with that limited time, I've had even more to do than usual. Every night I've been doing things I volunteered for in the leadup to the Havurah Institute. Tuesday, like an idiot, I watched the whole all star game. Last night, as my roommate put it, I "man-cleaned" my bedroom, shoving piles and bags and boxes into closets and drawers in preparation for the apartment being actually-cleaned today. I've been staying up until about 1:30 every night. This is 2 hours late for me. That's bad.

Tonight I have to do more volunteer stuff, and then pack since I'm going to DC tomorrow. (Oh, hey. I'm going to DC this weekend. I have no plans yet for Sunday morning/brunchtime, and I could potentially be talked out of my tentative Saturday night plans. Anyone want to hang out?) The plan is to be in bed by midnight. The plan is looking less and less likely.

But at least it's mostly good stuff. And I'm only 7 days from my mini vacation and the official early start to my August Of Awesomeness 2008. And I'm less than 8 days from Falcon Ridge Folk Fest. Woohoo!!

Now, to send a couple dozen emails while not falling asleep at the keyboard...