April 13th, 2008


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I have a few CDs that I associate very closely with some moods. They're often the first thing I turn to when I'm experiencing an overwhelming mood of a particular type. It's often nothing more than a visceral reaction to the music, or an association with where I was in my life when I first heard the CD. Most of my reactions to music are pretty visceral anyway.

Angry: Ben Folds Five - Whatever And Ever Amen
Depressed/lonely: Pink Floyd - Animals
Teen Angsty: Live - Secret Samadhi
Raw Joy: Queen - A Kind Of Magic (though not so much since I got into a car accident when it was on a few years ago)
Adventurous: Reel Big Fish - Turn The Radio Off

Anyone else have any they'd like to share? Or particular songs or entire artists, if not albums?