March 27th, 2008



* I got a new car stereo yesterday! It cost about $190 installed. I also spent another $60 to get my speakers reinstalled, since my step-brother and I did it ourselves a few years ago after he bought me speakers for my birthday, and we apparently did a crappy job. My speakers had been sucking lately, you see, and I'd been told the problem was the stereo itself, even though it turns out it wasn't at all. So I only had to spend the $60, but I like the new stereo enough that I think I'm gonna keep it. It has HD! The AM radio I listen to all the time sounds like FM, FM sounds like CDs (or at least good MP3s), and I have twice the number of FM stations to listen to!

* I had an awesome time last weekend at the NHC retreat outside of Baltimore. Just like last year, the retreat fell at a perfect time when I was feeling kind of stuck in a rut and needing to get a break from my life for a weekend. And jox was there, which was awesome. The ride back home was less awesome. Flat tires usually are.

* I'm simultaneously looking forward to and dreading Passover. Just over 3 weeks away now!

* Baseball opening day on Monday! The weather forecast looks like it's winter-coat weather, and maybe umbrella weather, but I don't care!!! Woohoo, baseball! Catch the fever, now!