March 3rd, 2008


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Man, I'm getting bad at posting.

This weekend was pretty awesome, LiveJournal. First, on Friday night, I went to Kol Tzedek's first ever musical "Kol Tehilah" services. Ezra W led them, assisted by the rabbi and by a 3-piece band (cello, guitar and guitar-like instruments, and percussion / tin whistle, if I remember correctly). It was quite incredible, if not exactly how I would've designed it. It probably had the most energy I've ever experienced at services within Philadelphia city limits. That wasn't a particularly high bar to clear, but it really did. People were singing along! A lot! In harmony! With good energy and good tune choices! It almost made me forget how bummed I am that I haven't managed to visit DC or NYC and go to TLS/Kol Zimrah services in over 6 months.

After services, I went to one of the hosted dinners. There were 17 people there. Beforehand, I knew a grand total of one of them, plus another 3 or 4 who looked familiar. But it was quite a fun time. I really didn't know the whole West Philly Shabbat scene was so vibrant. Or, really, that it existed at all. (And that it felt so much like what I know of Mt Airy.) I just wish it weren't so far west. And that the only regular services were once a month on Friday nights and once a month on Saturday mornings, and that there were any regular services at all with a more traditional/Ashkenazi liturgy than the Recon siddur. If there were, I'd probably move there.

I left the dinner and met up with flyinbutrs and thornmallow at precisely 10:30 to crash at their place. My timing was quite good in another sense too, as that was their last night in West Philly before their move. It was a good house, and it will be missed.

I slept soundly, woke up early, and decided to walk the three-plus miles to services at the Y, a minyan I've been meaning to check out for months but hadn't ever made it to, oweing to my fears that it would be roughly the stodgiest place I'd ever davened. Well, I was wrong, and it was quite nice, if not a place I'd want to go regularly enough to call my own.

At around 2:00, during the Y's lunch-and-learn, I suddenly had enough of interacting with people. I walked home, and proceeded to do nothing for about 27 hours, completely missing all 4 concerts I'd considered seeing during the weekend, and also missing a chance to see a former roommate who shall remain nameless, who may or may not have been visiting from DC for the weekend. Oh well. I needed the rest, I think. It was quite a busy and fun weekend before that point, after all.


I finally got Tidal by Fiona Apple. She's awesome. I love "Shadowboxer" and "Never Is a Promise". I've loved them for awhile, but now I have them!


jox says my TV tastes are like a 15-year-old girl's. Other than House and Law & Order, I think she's right.


Still need Purim costume ideas...