January 6th, 2008


First real post of 2008!!!!!!!!

So, yes, LiveJournal, as I mentioned, New Years was awesome!

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Since New Years, I've just been working hard. That's about it. My last two days completely off were New Years Day and Christmas Day. I worked about 3 and a half hours tonight from home. Tax season starts this Friday, which means that tax season for software developers essentially ends this Friday. Being able to be home by 6 and to have my Sundays entirely free will be nice.

Of course, I won't have tons of free time to sit around until I'm done moving. Shosh is completely moved in now. She and I have bought a lot of kitchen stuff, but there's still a sofa and table and chairs left to get. Then I have to get a bed for myself, and some bookshelves, and either a dresser or something else instead; and then move all my crap over there. It's gonna be a long month.

Meanwhile, my cousins have moved into my mom's house where I (still) live. They needed somewhere to stay for a couple months, and my mom is almost always in New York, so she's renting out her room to her nephew and his wife. I've always liked them, and always looked up to Michael, but haven't spent any real time with him since we were both in high school, 12 years ago or longer. This might be nice. Or really weird. But probably nice.