October 14th, 2007


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So, yes, platypuses and Bernie and Lesley and I hit up a corn maze today!

It was such a cute Authentic Fall Experience at Snipes Farm. There were scarecrows and gourds and hay rides and pumpkins and wild animals and kids running around and fun! There was also the corn maze, of course. Our visit was timed such that we'd start the maze while it was light out, but the sun would set while we were in the maze. We had flashlights. At first I was sort of concerned that it would be too easy to traverse, and I debated maybe splitting up or doing the maze twice. Turns out that wasn't of concern at all; the maze was plenty challenging.

We got one of these "game cards", which had some educational stuff to fill out at certain stations throughout the maze, as well as a map of the maze covered in random spots of red ink. If we held the map under the red Plexiglass that was at 5 stations throughout the maze, it was readable, but as you were carrying it around, it was a worthless piece of colored paper. Throughout the maze, each walkway was lined with colored ribbon-tape (like the police barrier stuff), different colors marking different regions of the maze. And the maze was BIG; it felt like it took us a half hour just to get out of the blue section where we began. Luckily, in addition to the game card, we'd gotten a green flag on a 9-foot PVC pole. This was intended for frantic waving in case of getting lost and giving up at some point.

It was pretty funny...if it weren't for all four of us working together, we'd still be out there in the cornfields of Bucks County. In addition to all of us contributing the usual "have we been here yet? Ehhh...let's go to the left...no, wait, we did that last time we were here" sort of thing, we were all uniquely helpful to the group when we finally decided to work our way out of the maze.

Bernie had already worked his way back from the exit to point out where on the map one needed to get to (deep in the back area of the maze) to proceed to the exit. By the time we were ready to leave, I came up with a path from where we were at the last red Plexiglass station to Bernie's point. As we were walking there, though, some of the directions we'd memorized became a bit unclear. ("Wait, I think we were supposed to go straight here, but was that left-straight or right-straight?") Hungering for a view of the tantalizingly camouflaged map we were holding, Lesley brilliantly realized we were in the red ribbon-tape section. Since it was completely dark out by this point, we could simply shine a flashlight through the tape at the game card to reveal the map. (Turns out we wanted left-straight.) And then, as we reached the last fork in the road for the evening, we once again didn't know which way to go, and this time we were in the blue section. Luckily, platypuses was wearing a red sweater, and we awkwardly shined a flashlight through her shirt at the map to reveal the final path out.

Afterwards we had some hot cider and then hit up the colocated Scariest Haunted House In Bucks County (which didn't open until 7:13 in the evening) and got some fright into ourselves before heading home, quite satisfied.

Sorry you had to miss it, evr1bugsme and krisispm. Next year?

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